Remi Yusuf

Founder | Expert Software Developer | Transforming Ideas into Seamless Digital Experiences | Android App Development | Database Management, 1 congo road barnawa kaduna

Innovation, AI/ML & Technology | Academics, Information and Communication Technology, Technology

Remi Yusuf


Remi is a published, well-recognised technology professional in Nigeria's tech sector, credited on a global scale for his innovations in bespoke development, DevOps, and computer vision solutions for biometric authentication. He excels in full-stack design, development, and the digitisation of large traditional legacy systems. Over his 17+ years of professional career, Remi has led transformative technology innovations in the Nigerian tech sector, significantly impacting allied sectors, including healthcare, BFSI, cybersecurity, and e-commerce.

Through his technology start-up, Nigeria's tech sector has produced various popular digital products that have received national recognition. Remi bootstrapped a modern election system in the early 2000s when Nigeria lacked the technological bandwidth and infrastructure it has today. Furthermore, he is a prominent figure in the technology landscape, engaging in impactful technology journalism, mentoring teams in crafting tech blogs, and representing his organisation prominently in both social and professional media.

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