Charles Umeh

Executive Medical Director, Parkers Mobile Clinic

Healthcare, Women's Health
Medicine and Alternative Medicine, Medicine and Alternative Medicine
Charles Umeh


Dr. Charles Umeh is a distinguished Medical Doctor and Public Health Expert from Nigeria, with a fervent focus on telemedicine and healthcare innovation. Holding a Master's degree in Surgical Science from The University of Edinburgh, his extensive career spans over seven years, marked by pivotal roles such as the Executive Director at Parkers Mobile Clinic and Chief Medical Officer at CribMD. Dr. Umeh has been instrumental in implementing health programs that leverage digital technologies to enhance access to medical services, especially in underserved regions. His work in telehealth, including a significant contribution to the "Fundamentals of Telemedicine and Telehealth" textbook, underscores his commitment to bridging healthcare gaps. Recognized for his efforts with awards like the Covid-19 Grant Award and Youthconnekt Africa Award, Dr. Umeh is a member of the International Medical Informatics Association, showcasing his dedication to advancing healthcare through innovation and technology.




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