Charles Okeibunor

Founder and CEO at IRMP Consulting, IRMP Consulting

Organisational Development, Emotional Intelligence
Team Building, Mindfulness
Charles Okeibunor


Charles is an executive and life coach and serves as the program director of IRMP Consulting, an organisation focused on using coaching to transform individuals and shape organizational culture.

He innovates and initiates with passion. To achieve my professional purpose, we create bespoke models and design coaching programs that address needs related to effective communication, stress and anxiety management, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, problem solving and strategic thinking, relationship management, emotional intelligence, and decision-making.

In the last 13 years, his work has impacted over 5000 professionals across 34 organizations with an average rating of 81.6%, collecting over 1000 testimonials. As a Coach, he supports executives and entrepreneurs in clarity sessions that empowers them towards discovering and deploying their potential. As an Organisation Strategist, his tools simplify strategy sessions and strategic plans from definition to destination.